Healthcare Medical Facilities

Cleaning can be a chore and we know you have many choices when you consider hiring a comprehensive, high quality, reliable cleaning service.

Wepa Commercial Cleaning provides medical cleaning services to doctor offices and medical centers around the greater Houston area. A focused sanitation approach is necessary to guarantee the safety of medical staff, patients, and visitors.

Healthcare facilities can easily become breeding grounds for various diseases and infections. Therefore city and state medical ordinances are strictly followed. For outstanding service, our supervisors will come out and document a detailed clean plan specific to your medical facility.

Types of Medical Facilities We Serve:

Doctors Offices

  1. Dentist Offices
  2. Clinics
  3. Medical Labs
  4. Surgical Centers
  5. Hospitals

Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

Reducing infection risks is a top priority for healthcare administrators to do to the growing concerns of infections obtained during medical procedures. Besides the exam and operating room, other areas including nursing stations, waiting rooms, corridors, and front desk areas must be sanitized.

Lowering overall non-compliance costs and offering a healthy environment for your clients is a win-win for all.

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Health  Care Cleaning

Our Values

Client oriented

  • We serve our clients as if we were serving ourselves. We value their feedback and we use it to improve our work.

Eco-Friendly Oriented

  • We carefully choose the best and most natural cleaning products that give amazing results.

Expansion / Growth

  • We make ourselves known in the community; we create long term relations, while constantly expanding. Therefore, we are always bringing in more people to work for us.

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Our Mission

Aims to be a national market leader in the provision of cleaning services delivering reliable, quality, cost effective cleaning solutions to our customers.

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We specialize in state-of-the-art electrostatic sprayers and steam cleaners that can deliver the safest, most effective shield disinfectant over tile, grout, flooring, carpeting, curtains and draperies, and upholstery.

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Wepa Commercial Cleaning is a partner in upholding your professional image in the workplace. Employees, vendors, and potential customers will feel uplifted when they come inside your building.

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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Our cleaning system sets us apart. Our customers keep coming back to us, because we provide services that work and keep their homes and apartments clean, right down to the little details.

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